About Us

We are a young start-up with a big vision. Our long-term aim is to create communities built around people centric urban mobility, housing, food & sustainable solutions

We believe It’s time again…

Life continues to evolve as our inventions continue to build and disrupt our habitats. Amidst this, our need for healthy food, cosy accommodation, convenient transportation & recreation, has remained constant.

Today, internet is disrupting our lifestyle to fulfil these needs, at the touch of our fingers. Despite these tech. solutions, urban life is filled with anxiety – due to inefficiencies, pollution, & unsustainable growth… To experience the best use of internet and deep tech. solutions, we are certain that It’s time again, for our habitats to realign and evolve.

Our goal is to integrate micro communities where shared services, connected mobility, friendly neighbours and profitable businesses culminate into affordable luxury and a sustainable lifestyle.

We strongly believe that our unique insights will culminate into a profitable business model and a sustainable way forward for all stakeholders. 

We are seeking below partners and collaborators

  • Investors
  • E-Vehicle manufacturers.
  • Mixed use real estate developers.
  • E-Mobility charging infrastructure developers.
  • Business owners willing to reinvent their businesses based on our collective insights.
  • Fleet operators willing to operate a network of electric busses, cars, rickshaws and bikes

And anyone else who shares our vision